5 Types Of Cancers That Can Be Cured

By | January 25, 2016

Life becomes difficult when one encounters cancer. There is no end  to emotional and physical trauma. Even after all this,  there  is  no  guarantee  of  recovery.  But  in recent times, doctors  got success in  treating  some  of  the forms of cancer. For few of the cancers “C” word is replaced from cancer to “cure”.

But it is difficult to label someone as cured as cancer  can  come  back  even  after successful completion of treatment. Remission is the term used when cancer is clinically in-evident  in  person  and  those who stay free from cancer for 5 years or more are more likely to be cancer free.

Scientific research has helped to increase the life span of people suffering from these 5 types of cancers:

1. Melanoma Cancer


Skin cancer is easily visible in initial phases. It is easily cured by removing the affected part if it has not metastasised. People that are able to cross  5  year  mark  after  diagnosis  are  91.5  percent. If  melanoma  is  not caught  early  and invades the inner layers of the skin then it becomes difficult to cure.

Screening for skin cancer is often helpful. One should keep a check on the dark  spots  or  blotches  or  newly  formed warts. If any such changes are observed then one should immediately inform the dermatologist.

2. Testicular Cancer


This cancer is curable if detected in early stages. Doctors remove testicles having tumor. Even if one of the testicles is removed,  the  other  one  remains  making  sex  hormone  and  father  children. Those diagnosed   in  later  stages  of testicular cancer can undergo surgery and chemotherapy or radiation. New drug “cisplatin” introduced  in  1970s has further improved the survival rates. 95 percent of the people remain alive after 5 year of diagnosis. Even if diagnosed in late stages the survival rate is 73 percent which is still high for any cancer.

For testicular cancer, there are no screening tests and one should visit doctor if a lump is found.

3. Thyroid Cancer


Thyroid is large gland present in the neck is responsible for secreting growth hormone and controlling metabolism of the body. Papillary, the most common type of thyroid cancer grows gradually. Even if the  thyroid  tumor metastases, this cancer is treatable with surgery. Gland can be removed surgically and medicines be  taken  orally  to  compensate the hormone. Most of the thyroid cancers are diagnosed easily and 97 percent of the people  are  able  to  live up to or more than 5 years after diagnosis. Only if the  diagnosed  cancer  type  is  anaplastic  thyroid  cancer  then  chances of survival are just 7 percent. But this kind is very rare.

People find tumor in neck when they feel a swelling or lump or trouble in  swallowing   food. One  should visit doctor soon in such cases and an ultrasound be performed as soon as possible.

4. Breast Cancer


Research and advances in modern medicine has made breast cancer as one of the  most  treatable  ones. Condition of breast cancer is understood by doctors better than before. Now more than 90  percent of the women are able to cross the 5 year mark after diagnosis.

If diagnosed earlier, breast cancer is  easier  to  control. Targeted  therapies  have  developed  to  control  the  disease. Regular screening and mammograms can increase the lifespan of a person. After 50 years of age women should carry out mammogram every year.

5. Prostate Cancer


Tumors in prostate either have slow growth or they don’t grow. In that  case  no  treatment is required as they are not harmful. Many men live with these tumors without much problem for years. Almost 98.9% people remain fine after 5 years of diagnosis.

If the cancer starts spreading then it becomes difficult  to  treat it. Only 28 percent of men are able to cross the 5 year mark when cancer metastases  or  spreads  to  other  body  parts. Hence  men  should  undergo  regular  check-up  for prostate  cancer. A  blood  test  specifically  for  prostate protein and rectal examination should be carried out. Also if one encounters any problem, like difficulty in  urination  or  blood  in  urine then one should inform the doctor. They might be or might not be symptoms of cancer.

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