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15 Most Ignored Cancer Symptoms By Men

Day to day life for every male is limited to eating well, doing office work, relaxing and if time permits then some gym. Thought of visiting doctor strikes only if some health issue occurs. Due to laziness, one might be ignoring the early signs of cancer.

Cancer is one huge disease and the best way to win the battle from cancer is to detect the disease in initial stages. Symptoms of cancer start showing and they should not be ignored.

Here is a list of 15 such symptoms that appear early in cancer and worth your attention.

1. Trouble while Urination


As the age progresses, many males face problem in urination. The urge to urinate increases in night; they encounter problem of leaking and dribbling of urine. Males feel urgent need to urinate at times but then very weak urine stream comes. Such symptoms occur because of enlarged prostate gland. Visiting doctor is must as he will examine if the prostate is enlarged and will recommend PSA test (blood test) to check for prostate cancer. Some times there is nothing to worry with the enlarged gland too. People remain fine for years until the enlarged gland is cancerous in nature.

2. Stomach pain and Depression


Stomach pain can occur due to stomach infection. But when it last longer than the usual then pain along with depression indicates serious problem. It could be sign of pancreatic cancer. All one should do is consult doctor immediately.

3. Fever


Occasional raise of body temperature is common; it is a healthy sign indicating that your body is fighting against infection. But sometimes fever persists for longer duration and don’t go away with medications also. It is most common signal of blood cancer or leukaemia. Doctor will further conduct blood tests and physical examination to check the cause of fever.

4. Abnormal lump or swelling in Testicles


Any lump or swelling should never be ignored by males and an immediate visit to doctor is must. It could be symptoms of testicular cancer which unlike prostate cancer grows aggressively. Doctor will rule out the disease symptoms by carrying out blood test, physical exam and ultrasound of the scrotum area.

5. Presence of Blood in Urine or Stool


Any kind of abnormal bleeding should never be ignored. Blood in urine can be sign of bladder or kidney cancer and blood in stool can indicate colon cancer. Even if any other symptoms are missing, visiting doctor is must to diagnose the issue. Some times its just urinary infection or haemorrhoids and one has to diagnose and get them treated.

6. Fatigue


Fatigue happens with day to day work. People with weak body constitution usually get fatigue easily. Rest and slow pace of work is advised for them. But many types of cancer cause bone-deep tiredness that doesn’t even go after taking rest. One should visit doctor when fatigue takes a toll on body.

7. Changes in Skin


Many times changes in skin colour and shape are noticeable. Some new mole or spot appears in the skin from nowhere suddenly. New and different looking spots can be symptoms of cancer. One needs to show it to the dermatologist soon and biopsy or study of the affected area after its removal from skin is needed soon. If the skin cancer penetrates deep into the skin layers then it becomes difficult to remove it surgically. Else it is curable.

8. Pain


After regular working hours, your back, head, legs and what not might hurt, but if the pain lasts longer and is not subsided with medicines then it should be shown to doctor. Pain indicates many types of cancer and it could be symptom of cancer spreading in the body.

9. Trouble swallowing


People face problem in swallowing food at times. If the problem persists along with loss of weight and vomiting, doctor might suspect of stomach or throat cancer. A throat examination and an X-ray is necessary in that case.

10. Weight loss


You are not on diet and still losing weight day by day? It points toward stress or thyroid problem. But losing weight without trying is abnormal. Weight loss is one of the most common symptoms of cancer of stomach, pancreas or lungs. Doctor will conduct few tests of blood, X-ray and even PET scan to confirm the symptoms.

11. Changes in mouth

Pain in throat.

All of a sudden sometimes a swelling or sore appears in mouth. It could be usual mouth sore or symptom of mouth cancer. Those who chew tobacco or smoke cigarette are frequent with such kind of sores. Hence one should keep observing such kind of sores or patches inside mouth. One should rush to doctor or dentist immediately as soon as such symptoms appear.

12. Coughing


Coughing is serious, if it doesn’t subside within 3-4 weeks of treatment. People who smoke often have coughing. Smokers should keep a watch if they cough fresh blood or fall short of breath. Visit to doctor is must after these symptoms. They appear most commonly in case of lung cancer. Test of mucus will be able to rule out any infection. A chest X-ray or CT scan will further clear the situation.

13. Breast change


Breast cancer is rare in men and quite possible that men ignore the changes in breast. Studies show that about 1 percent of breast cancers occur in men. They are diagnosed often in late stages. But if one finds a lump or swelling then they should immediately rush to doctor.

14. Appearance of swollen lymph nodes


Part of the lymphatic system in body, lymph nodes are present in neck, armpits, lungs, abdomen and groin area. Usually lymph nodes swell as a response by immune system to the infection. It might be that a lung infection has occurred that has led to an increase in the size of lymph nodes in the chest area. In several cancers like lymphomas, lymph nodes swell. A proper examination by doctor is a must in case any swelling is encountered.

15. Heartburn


It is the most common problem encountered after eating oily food. But if this problem persists for long then one should visit doctor immediately. Normally, changes in diet, drinking habits and curbing the stress level improve the heartburn. But if it doesn’t go away then it can be symptom of throat or stomach cancer.

5 Types Of Cancers That Can Be Cured

Life becomes difficult when one encounters cancer. There is no end  to emotional and physical trauma. Even after all this,  there  is  no  guarantee  of  recovery.  But  in recent times, doctors  got success in  treating  some  of  the forms of cancer. For few of the cancers “C” word is replaced from cancer to “cure”.

But it is difficult to label someone as cured as cancer  can  come  back  even  after successful completion of treatment. Remission is the term used when cancer is clinically in-evident  in  person  and  those who stay free from cancer for 5 years or more are more likely to be cancer free.

Scientific research has helped to increase the life span of people suffering from these 5 types of cancers:

1. Melanoma Cancer


Skin cancer is easily visible in initial phases. It is easily cured by removing the affected part if it has not metastasised. People that are able to cross  5  year  mark  after  diagnosis  are  91.5  percent. If  melanoma  is  not caught  early  and invades the inner layers of the skin then it becomes difficult to cure.

Screening for skin cancer is often helpful. One should keep a check on the dark  spots  or  blotches  or  newly  formed warts. If any such changes are observed then one should immediately inform the dermatologist.

2. Testicular Cancer


This cancer is curable if detected in early stages. Doctors remove testicles having tumor. Even if one of the testicles is removed,  the  other  one  remains  making  sex  hormone  and  father  children. Those diagnosed   in  later  stages  of testicular cancer can undergo surgery and chemotherapy or radiation. New drug “cisplatin” introduced  in  1970s has further improved the survival rates. 95 percent of the people remain alive after 5 year of diagnosis. Even if diagnosed in late stages the survival rate is 73 percent which is still high for any cancer.

For testicular cancer, there are no screening tests and one should visit doctor if a lump is found.

3. Thyroid Cancer


Thyroid is large gland present in the neck is responsible for secreting growth hormone and controlling metabolism of the body. Papillary, the most common type of thyroid cancer grows gradually. Even if the  thyroid  tumor metastases, this cancer is treatable with surgery. Gland can be removed surgically and medicines be  taken  orally  to  compensate the hormone. Most of the thyroid cancers are diagnosed easily and 97 percent of the people  are  able  to  live up to or more than 5 years after diagnosis. Only if the  diagnosed  cancer  type  is  anaplastic  thyroid  cancer  then  chances of survival are just 7 percent. But this kind is very rare.

People find tumor in neck when they feel a swelling or lump or trouble in  swallowing   food. One  should visit doctor soon in such cases and an ultrasound be performed as soon as possible.

4. Breast Cancer


Research and advances in modern medicine has made breast cancer as one of the  most  treatable  ones. Condition of breast cancer is understood by doctors better than before. Now more than 90  percent of the women are able to cross the 5 year mark after diagnosis.

If diagnosed earlier, breast cancer is  easier  to  control. Targeted  therapies  have  developed  to  control  the  disease. Regular screening and mammograms can increase the lifespan of a person. After 50 years of age women should carry out mammogram every year.

5. Prostate Cancer


Tumors in prostate either have slow growth or they don’t grow. In that  case  no  treatment is required as they are not harmful. Many men live with these tumors without much problem for years. Almost 98.9% people remain fine after 5 years of diagnosis.

If the cancer starts spreading then it becomes difficult  to  treat it. Only 28 percent of men are able to cross the 5 year mark when cancer metastases  or  spreads  to  other  body  parts. Hence  men  should  undergo  regular  check-up  for prostate  cancer. A  blood  test  specifically  for  prostate protein and rectal examination should be carried out. Also if one encounters any problem, like difficulty in  urination  or  blood  in  urine then one should inform the doctor. They might be or might not be symptoms of cancer.

Superfoods That Can Fight Cancer

Cancer researches spanning decades, have shown evidence on the substantial role of a well-balanced diet in reducing cancer risk. Most significant studies of cancer and nutrition emphasize on the importance of a healthy diet in keeping cancer risk at bay. A properly planned diet is probably the easiest and reasonable way to reduce the risks of cancer.

All the studies by cancer experts point to the importance of plant-based foods in fighting cancer, owing to their phytonutrients and other such special composites. As per experts, the ideal situation is to have two-thirds of plane-based food in your diet in order to nullify the effects of saturated fat in other foods. Although it seems simple, this requires a drastic change in your overall diet. It is advisable to go for a long-term diet plan inclusive of major cancer-fighting foods, instead of just going for short-term remedies.

Given below are some potential food items that contain cancer-fighting agents:

1. Cruciferous Vegetables


This food group includes vegetables from the cabbage family such as broccoli, cauliflower, kale, cabbage, Brussels sprouts and turnip greens. Studies have proved that these vegetables possess some cancer-killing properties when they are cut or chewed.

  • Cancer Killing Abilities

As per expert studies, these vegetables have exceptional results against colon and prostate cancers. These vegetables are able to release an antioxidant called sulforaphane when chewing. This is very effective against colon polyp condition related to colon cancer and also works against prostrate tumors. Recent studies emphasized the positive effects of these vegetables, especially broccoli against these cancers.

  • How to Consume

The cancer-resisting effects of cruciferous vegetables are seen when they are cut or chewed. Hence, consuming them as whole doesn’t help; you can instead add them as cut pieces in salads, stir fry or as side dishes. Lemon and garlic can be used to enhance flavor and taste of these vegetables.

2. Folate Rich or B Vitamin Foods


B vitamin rich foods usually have folate in them. Besides many cereals fortified with folate, you can find folate in foods like Brussels sprouts, asparagus, orange, peanuts, spinach, dried beans and many more. When a person has low folate levels, they are more likely to have DNA mutations, so sufficient levels of folate can fight against such mutations.

  • Cancer Killing Abilities

Studies conducted in male smokers have shown positive results of folate food intake against pancreatic cancer. Men who consumed 400 mg of daily folate intake cut down their risk of developing pancreatic cancer by half.

  • How to Consume

You can consume folate in a number of ways starting with your breakfast. A glass of orange juice is a good way to start with followed by your daily bowl of cereal. Just ensure that your cereal brand is fortified with folate from the pack. You can also have salad with romaine leaves and spinach and toss it with peas or dried beans to make it a wholesome meal. You can have a side dish of Brussels sprouts or asparagus for dinner and you can snack on a handful of peanuts or an orange.

3. Tea


While sipping your daily cup of tea, you may unknowingly consume certain cancer fighting agents as well. Some ingredients in tea like flavonides are excellent antioxidants, which work against cancer. Especially kaempferol, a specific flavonide in tea is proved to have exceptional cancer-preventing effects.

  • Cancer Killing Abilities

A massive study performed in women showed that those who have consumed large quantities of kaempferol have cut down the risk of developing ovarian cancer considerably. As per experts, an approximate quantity of 12 mg kaempferol found in four cups of tea, is sufficient to protect you against cancer. Some other studies indicate that adequate intake of flavonides can help postmenopausal women, by cutting down their risk of developing breast cancer.

  • How to Consume

You can enjoy a cup of tea at any time of the day, a hot cup of tea can warm up winter days and iced tea is ideal for hot summer days. Enjoy your cup of tea in all seasons and minimize your cancer risks.

4. Vitamin D


Researchers state that Vitamin D can reduce the growth of cancerous cells. Vitamin D is fat soluble and it helps your body to absorb calcium which is essential for strong teeth and bones. This helps to create resistance against cancer.

  • Cancer Killing Abilities

The American Association for Cancer Research publishes a report which shows an adequate intake of vitamin D can lower the breast cancer risk by half. Some other studies also showed improved survival rates among lung cancer patients, who consumed higher levels of vitamin D.

  • How to Consume

A daily intake of 1000 IU vitamin D is considered ideal for men and women by recent expert studies. Milk and eggs are rich sources of vitamin D and so are seafood items. Chinook Salmon, cod and Shrimp have enough vitamin D content. Exposed in the sun at least for 10 minutes can provide you with as much as 5000 IU of vitamin D, with 40% of your body exposed to sun.

5. Ginger


While detailed studies of ginger’s ability to fight cancer are still in progress, many experts proved its cancer cell killing effects. Ginger has the ability to kill cancer cells in two ways; apoptosis, in which the cells commit suicide without damaging adjacent cells and autophagy, in which cancer cells are trapped to digest themselves.

  • Cancer killing Abilities

Since many women with ovarian cancer usually develop resistance against standard chemotherapy drugs, researchers are hopeful to use ginger’s cancer cell killing abilities to help them. Although the exact cancer killing effects are not tested yet, ginger can be included in your diet as it is non-toxic.

  • How to Consume

You can consume ginger in numerous ways such as zesty sauces, various soups and sumptuous marinades. Daily intakes of ginger as sipping ginger ale or munching gingerbread cookies are also advisable.

6. Curcumin


Curcumin has excellent anti-inflammatory effects and this aids to its ability to fight cancer. Along with its zesty flavor, it can suppress transformation, spreading, and attack of cancerous cells.

  • Cancer Killing Abilities

Many studies showed its positive effects against gastrointestinal and bladder cancers. Since inflammation is the major facilitator of most cancers, curcumins effects are useful against other cancers as well.

  • How to Consume

Curcumin is one of the main ingredients in Indian curry powders which add spiciness and flavor. It goes famously well with lentils, chicken and various rice dishes. You can also sprinkle its yellow, bright powder to add color to your dish.

The above mentioned food items are identified by experts which can work effectively against cancerous effects. Although not limited to these, various food items supplemented with numerous nutrients, are suggested by experts as an extremely effective way of fighting cancer and its effects.


7 Foods You Should Know That Probably Cause Cancer

Most of us are not aware of carcinogens or unhealthy ingredients that might be present in the food we intake. But with so many people diagnosed with cancer every year, it is right time to know more about things which are causing or promoting cancer. Here are 7 food materials that probably cause cancer

1. Refined Sugar


Refined sugars when consumed increase the level of insulin instantly. It is proven by research that sugars promote cancers. In the year 1931, German scientist Otto Warburg first proved that cancers and tumors use sugar to increase and multiply. Sweeteners which are rich in fructose like corn syrup mainly feed the cancer cells, as foods having high-fructose corn syrup (HFCS) are easily metabolized by cancer cells. Thus, it is clear that foods like pies, juices, cakes, sodas, cereals and sauces are some of the items containing loads of refined sugar are the reason of high rate of cancer these days.

  •  Alternative to Refined sugar

Corn syrup laden processed foods should be avoided as much as one can. Fresh fruit juices should be consumed always to avoid the preservatives and artificial sugars

2. Red Meat


According to a 10 year long research, everyday consumption of even small amount of red meat, like one fourth of a hamburger, promotes the risk of cancer in men by 22 percent and in women by 20 percent. Another research showed that cancers of prostrate, breast and colon are promoted by red meat.

Red meat is known to promote colon cancers the most. According to a study conducted in USA, it affects mostly people between age group 50 and 74, those who consumed red meat for a longer period. But consumption of poultry and fishes proved beneficial in long run.

  •  Alternative for Red meat

It should always be taken in smaller amounts and occasionally. Also one should make sure that the consumed steak is grass fed and organic beef which is best for one’s health

3 Hydrogenated Oils


All the vegetable oils are hydrogenated oils. They are not extracted like butter and many chemical processes are involved to remove it from their source. To add appeal and color to them they are further deodorized and colors are added to it. A very high level of Omega-6 fatty acid is present in almost all the vegetable oils. These fatty acids, when in excess cause heart related diseases and promote several cancers like skin cancers. Further, hydrogenated oils work as preservative for processed foods. They maintain the appeal of food for long time. Cancer is linked to hydrogenated oils, as these oils influence the cellular flexibility and structures.

  •  Alternative to Hydrogenated Vegetable oils

Olive oil serves the best alternative to these unhealthy hydrogenated vegetable oils. Extra virgin oil is the most natural version of olive oil. Another choice can be coconut oil which contains easily digestible medium chain fatty acids, not found in other oils and butter.

4. Non Organic foods


We all know that all the fruits and vegetable that we eat contain lot of pesticides. Some of the nitrogen fertilizers like thiodicarb, organophosphates and atrazine are the most dangerous known pesticides. Many Western and European countries have banned use of atrazine fertilizer. Although atrazine is used for killing weeds; when consumed by humans, it causes reproductive problems in them. Rest many other conventional foods are treated with hormones and chemicals, to increase their growth and improve taste. 90 per cent of the fruits have been found with pesticide residues which included strawberries, grapes and oranges.

  •  Alternative: Go Organic

Consuming organic products is the key to good health. Instead of selecting pesticide and fruits injected with sweetening agent, one should select organically grown ones. They might be costlier, but in the longer run organic produce will prevent future hospital visits too.

5. Microwave popcorn


For quick snacking, microwave popcorn has always served the purpose. But people are hardly aware of the fact that complete preparation of popcorn in microwave is highly dangerous for health.

The bags of popcorn, considered most convenient for microwave, are made of potent cancer causing material. These bags are coated with a chemical agent called as perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA), a potent carcinogen. Same toxic substance is present in Teflon also. Recent studies have depicted that PFOA promotes risk of testicular, bladder, pancreas, kidneys and liver cancers.

Content wise too, microwave popcorn contains many unhealthy preservative like propyl gallate, known to irritate skin and promote stomach issues. Even the corn used is a GMO product, instead of organic corn. GMO products are already in the list of cancer causing substances. A substance called as diactetyl is applied to the corn kernels. It was identified as an agent promoting lung diseases amongst the ‘ConAgra Foods’ factory workers and had to be removed from their popcorn brand.

  •  Microwave Popcorn alternatives  

Preparing popcorns in a vessel by the old yet healthy method is one solution. With little salt and oil in the pan along with corn kernels minus all the unhealthy ingredients, after closing the lid of pan and heating for few minutes, will generate the same aroma as of microwave ones.

6. Diet foods


All the foods like low fat foods or diet foods, frozen foods and prepackaged foods like sodas contain an artificial sweetener called as aspartame. Aspartame is already known to promote cancer. Many research studies have shown its involvement in birth defects, heart problems and cancer.

Diet foods undergo a lot of chemical processing. They are made from super refined materials having high sodium content, many artificial flavors and colors are added to it. Also many preservatives are added which are never good for health. Hence the summary of diet food is that anything artificial is real unhealthy. Although, many products added are addictive in nature; they actually stimulate the feel good part of brain.

One has to be smart here and pick healthy food choices like natural diet foods, organic fruits and vegetables.

  •  Diet foods alternative

Eating raw, fresh organic fruits and vegetable from nature is the healthiest choice. Also selecting foods from market with harmless ingredients is one of the options to satisfy the hunger pangs.

7. Refined White Flour


We all have heard about white flour being bad for health, but very little idea do we have that this flour is seriously very unhealthy. All the nutrients are destroyed when grain refining is done. Mills don’t wait for the flour to turn white instead they bleach the flour with chlorine gas. According to EPA, large quantities of chlorine gas if inhaled can be lethal to body.

White refined flour has very high glycemic index and shoots the insulin and blood sugar levels instantly. This refined white flour which is part of many processed foods, has the ability to directly cause diabetes. It is studied that it promotes cancer cells directly as it becomes food for them. It is known that tumor cells thrive on bloodstream sugar; thus avoiding refined white flour will definitely starve the cancer cells.

  •  Alternatives to Refined White Flour

Given the reason that this flour promotes cancer and avoiding it will starve the cancer cells, one can use other options available for flours in market. Many types of flours are available that are healthy yet tasty. Almond flour is one of them. It contains healthy fats and proteins. But it has to be refrigerated for preservation as it gets spoiled easily unlike refined white flour.

Another choice is Quinoa flour. It contains essential amino acids and completes the body protein requirement. Organic Quinoa can be baked in oven and flour can be made from it. Buying organic food items is the healthiest choice.