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Is Cancer Hereditary?

“Is cancer Hereditary?” If you are asking that question, you are not alone! Cancer has become such a common disease that almost everyone has a relative who has cancer. To put it plainly, almost everyone has a family member suffering from cancer. Is Cancer Hereditary? It is true that some cancers are hereditary and their… Read More »

All About Oral Cancer

Oral Cancer develops in the throat or mouth tissues. Most of this type of cancer develops in the squamous cells found in the lips, tongue and mouth. It often occurs in people who are over 40 years of age. By the time it is detected, it has usually spread to the lymph nodes in the… Read More »

15 Most Ignored Cancer Symptoms By Men

Day to day life for every male is limited to eating well, doing office work, relaxing and if time permits then some gym. Thought of visiting doctor strikes only if some health issue occurs. Due to laziness, one might be ignoring the early signs of cancer. Cancer is one huge disease and the best way… Read More »

5 Types Of Cancers That Can Be Cured

Life becomes difficult when one encounters cancer. There is no end  to emotional and physical trauma. Even after all this,  there  is  no  guarantee  of  recovery.  But  in recent times, doctors  got success in  treating  some  of  the forms of cancer. For few of the cancers “C” word is replaced from cancer to “cure”. But… Read More »

Superfoods That Can Fight Cancer

Cancer researches spanning decades, have shown evidence on the substantial role of a well-balanced diet in reducing cancer risk. Most significant studies of cancer and nutrition emphasize on the importance of a healthy diet in keeping cancer risk at bay. A properly planned diet is probably the easiest and reasonable way to reduce the risks… Read More »

7 Foods You Should Know That Probably Cause Cancer

Most of us are not aware of carcinogens or unhealthy ingredients that might be present in the food we intake. But with so many people diagnosed with cancer every year, it is right time to know more about things which are causing or promoting cancer. Here are 7 food materials that probably cause cancer 1.… Read More »